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Fantasy and sci-fi, practically the default settings of RPGs. I’d much rather be dropped into a place I am familiar with, but, because I am a grown-up with obligations and finite money and time, I can’t call home. Persona 5 is set across Tokyo, and while it’s hardly the story of a normal life — you fight mental demons through a portal revealed by a mysterious smartphone app — it does a tremendous job of simply letting the player be a teenager in Japan. I find myself rushing through the game-y aspects, so I can spend more time studying after class, strolling in the park, making friends, seeing and hearing how a different culture passes a year. Or should I say how a band of artists portray the world around them. With most games, I eventually find myself becoming self-conscious about the time with them. There are other things I could do; I could finally read Moby Dick. But I haven’t had that with Persona. It’s like a vacation, and I leisurely sink into it, obeying the prompt that appears on every load screen: “Take your time.”To describe psychedelic experiences, researchers rely on the phrase “set and setting.” Set refers to the mindset and preparation of the subject, setting, to their literal and social environment at the time of the test. It’s widely believed that both set and setting are crucial to laying the framework for a positive and meaningful psychedelic experience.

The psychedelic drug is, in the words of Timothy Leary, simply the “key,” unlocking the consciousness to freely analyze the mind and the world around it. Maybe I’m taking you on a long walk for a small glass of criticism, but I think set and setting are applicable to art, which, depending on where you are mentally and physically, can unlock different experiences and emotions. I know, Mario Kart isn’t magic mushrooms or the Mona Lisa, but it is probably the closest thing that video games have to a universally beloved experience.

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Mario Kart 8 was a lovingly crafted game hamstrung by a crummy console that lived in your living room. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is that exact same game (with a handful of tweaks), but now it can be easily enjoyed wherever you’ll enjoy it most. The game is fine at home alone. But when stuck at an airport with a five-hour delay, passing the time on Rainbow Road is almost transcendent. A confession: I don’t entirely get French New Wave cinema, even though I faked it through college.

Nonetheless, I appreciate one corner of the movement: a handful of critics became filmmakers to criticize capital-F Film with their own movies. They did so with respect for the form, but also with eagerness to deconstruct it, to save it from its worst tendencies.

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And they often did so with a sense of humor that saved the experiment from becoming utterly insufferable. I think about these directors when I play Nier: Automata.

At first, Automata seems straightforward enough. You are a cyborg sent to fight robots on Earth in a proxy war between aliens beneath the surface and humans who now live on the Moon. Okay, that isn’t so simple, but it’s easy enough to synopsize, unlike the story that cuts a path through the greatest hits of existential philosophy.

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When you aren’t stabbing and shooting robots, you’re chatting with them about pain and art and vice and sex and being, well, human. Automata is, in no small part, the product of creator Yoko Taro’s mind. I don’t know Taro’s full resume, but I don’t believe he ever served as a professional critic. That’s fine. His game has more to say about games — how they imitate one another, how they evolve, how they treat life, how they continue to exist even after they’re finished — than most books on the medium.

Automata is a sequel to Nier and a spinoff of Drakengard, two games you’d be forgiven for having never heard of. Like its predecessor, it’s weird and a little messy and surprisingly empathic, a rarity, as Aevee Bee noted at The Guardian, for a video game in which you kill hundreds of characters. Unlike its predecessor, it’s something of a hit, selling over a million copies worldwide.

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You don’t need to play either game to enjoy Automata, but to really see it for what it is, you’ll want to play Automata itself many times through. The repetition is criticism of games at large, for sure, but Taro also uses each new playthrough to look further and further inward.

Automata is the rarest of games: sharp criticism of itself. Am I breaking the rules when I confess that I decided to add Battlegrounds to this list before I actually played the game? I came to it, like so many fans, as a spectator.

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I’ve since begun playing, and while I enjoy being obliterated by strangers, I am certain my interest will last far longer as a viewer than a player. What makes it astonishing as an e-sport — or any sport — is the accessibility of its rules. Enjoyment isn’t predicated on understanding arcane strategy, impenetrable mythos, weapon and perk sets, or the word “meta.” Rather like traditional sports, Battlegrounds is radically simple: stay in the shrinking field of play, collect materials to survive, defeat enemies, and be the last person standing.

Battlegrounds uses a cliched premise because its familiarity is foundational — similar to the way a sport uses a ball and a goal. A mob of players fighting to the death on a 25-square-mile island is as structurally compelling as it is laughably familiar. Yes, film fans, it’s basically Battle Royale or Hunger Games. Yes, game nerds, it looks an awful lot like Arma and Day Z. Battlegrounds isn’t an original idea, I’ll grant you that. But it is a familiar idea crafted exceptionally.

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At Waypoint Bruno Dias writes that each Battlegrounds live stream is imbued with the pace and tension of a horror film. That’s an astute point, but I’ll go a step further and say that it’s Battlegrounds steadied pace that will, looking into the long term, allow it to become one of the most watchable e-sports of this decade. Whether you like games or not, the visual language of Battlegrounds is familiar from decades of action movies.

And because its action is slow, a video editor can — like the magicians at NFL Films do for pro football — splice together the teamwork of a four-person squad into an thrilling match for an audience of people who’ve never played the game. Around the release of What Remains of Edith Finch, video game academic, essayist, and lovable provocateur Ian Bogost inspired a kerfuffle with the controversially titled The Atlantic essay “Video Games Are Better Without Stories.”“If there is a future of games, let alone a future in which they discover their potential as a defining medium of an era,” Bogost concluded, “it will be one in which games abandon the dream of becoming narrative media and pursue the one they are already so good at: taking the tidy, ordinary world apart and putting it back together again in surprising, ghastly new ways.”Finch is an argument that games can be both. Shaped like a musky short story collection, the game sends the player deep into the Seussian house of the Finch clan, and its family tree, of which each branch has a tragic end. By spelunking the rooms of lost relatives, the player is launched, through time, to relive a series of final moments.

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The vignettes borrow style from the kings of horror shorts — Edgar Allen Poe, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King — along with other short fiction masters, like Tobias Wolff and Lorrie Moore. Finch’s storytelling never approaches the literary highs of its inspirations (a very high bar, to be fair) but it does offer something the writing alone can not. Space. A livable, breathable, touchable space. Where great literature breaks apart the world, then leaves the reader’s mind to fill in the blanks, Finch offers a meticulously designed space to investigate and explore and experience. Perhaps that sounds lacking in imagination; I assure you, it is not. These pulpy stories feel lived in and immediate, because Finch’s designers have turned them into little fidget objects, and placed them into your hand. In one of the game’s final stories, you must navigate a dreamworld of puzzles with one side of the controller, while chopping fish heads in a factory with the other. Rapidly, the dream takes over the screen, but the real-world obligation never goes away, nor does it become any less dangerous.

The sequence is not subtle: it’s an ode to and warning of the sheer power of games to transport us into new, impossible spaces. Page 11 of 130 Combo breakers can only break regular combos, not the special x-ray attacks.

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… King DL, Delfabbro P. Understanding and assisting excessive players of video games: a community psychology perspective. Aust Community Psychol.

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