SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab [Japan Import]

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T position at AMD (where he focuses on the use of GPU computing for physics simulation). He will present a GPU-based rigid body simulation which can be used to quickly simulate the large numbers of rigid bodies typically created by object destruction. The talk starts with an overview of the simulation and proceeds to the detailed GPU implementation of each stage of the simulation.

Similarly to the previous course, this is targeted at physics simulation and has strong ties to film production. However, its structure is very different; instead of covering a variety of production examples, it focuses on one code library – PhysBAM, initially developed by Ronald Fedkiw and continued by him and many others at Stanford.

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PhysBAM is used by many VFX and feature animation houses including ILM, Disney Animation, and Pixar; large portions were recently released under an open-source license. This course is presented by Craig Schroeder (PhD Student, Stanford Computer Science Department); it will cover information on the PhysBAM library release: how to obtain the source code, set up the library, and use it to run example smoke and water simulations, as well as descriptions of visualization and rendering tools included in the release.

In addition to the PhysBAM library, the course will explain the underlying techniques that make these simulations possible, in particular level set methods such as fast marching, fast sweeping, and the particle level set method. It will also address the important aspects of a fluid simulation, including advection, viscosity, and projection.

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At 18 courses, the SIGGRAPH 2011 course program is smaller than it has been in previous years, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up in quality. I’ll go over the list with a focus on courses of interest to game developers and/or real-time rendering researchers.

If you are going to be attending SIGGRAPH, this should help you decide which courses to attend – if not, you’ll at least know which course notes and Encore videos to hunt down after the conference. Since this post is turning out to be quite long, I’ll split it up into several parts, spread out over the next few days. 6/20/2011: Added details to Beyond Programmable Shading regarding Peter-Pike Sloan’s talk and the Software Rasterization on GPUs talk, as well as correcting the titles of several of the speakers.

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The game won’t take you more than a few days to beat, and it gets weird rather quickly. Eventually you’re building potato-based towers and Spud-nik satellites, and inventing potato time travel.

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Information: SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab [Japan Import]

The program was called BASIC, and it was the start of this company we call Microsoft. Today, we’re beginning a brand new series called The History of Microsoft.

Travel with us back in time as we discover the roots of one of the world’s most important technology companies. Using rare video and photos we bring you the heart of Microsoft’s struggles and successes.

Year by Year. Every Thursday we will air a brand new episode beginning with 1975 where quot;The History of Microsoft quot; all began. We hope you enjoy this historical journey. 1975 History of Microsoft Timeline: January 1, 1975 The MITS Altair 8800 appears on the cover of Popular Electronics.

The article inspires Paul Allen and Bill Gates to develop a BASIC language for the Altair. February 1, 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen complete Altair BASIC and sell it to Microsoft’s first customer, MITS of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This is the first computer language program for a personal computer. March 1, 1975 Paul Allen joins MITS as director of software.

April 7, 1975 “Altair BASIC – Up and Running,” declares the headline of the first edition of MITS Computer Notes. July 1, 1975 Bill Gates’ and Paul Allen’s BASIC officially ships as version 2.0 in both 4K and 8K editions. July 22, 1975 Paul Allen and Bill Gates sign a licensing agreement with MITS regarding the Basic Interpreter.

The name Microsoft has not yet been chosen, and Microsoft is not yet an official partnership. July 29, 1975 In a letter to Paul Allen, Bill Gates uses the name quot;Micro-soft quot; to refer to their partnership.

This is the earliest known written reference. December 31, 1975 The 1975 year-end sales total equals 16,005 dollars, as detailed on Form 1065 U. S. Partnership Return of Income.

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