Zte zmax pro overheating

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02.03.2018 – I had it all set up and working great. This is something that blew me away when I opened the box.
Zte zmax pro overheating
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1. Did you even read the article? ZTE makes atrocious phones anyway.
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Zte zmax pro overheating
4. HBor the Fair Repair Actguarantees our right to repair digital equipment like computers, refrigerators, cell phones and tractors. The Zmax was my first no brand phone and the best I have ever had, the battery is amazing, the charge will last close to a week and I talk a lot and surf the web tons! I think perhaps my phone is too old to.
5. You are using an out of date browser. He didnt even get a year out of it.
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7. Tell them that you want the right to repair your purchases. I ride a motorcycle and any time I move the music dies.
Zte zmax pro overheating
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8. Some phones score very high in benchmarks, but do not perform that well. The front is a 5mp and the same its only OK. This can be frustrating when a customer is trying to change frame but there is still problem after.
9. So I was listening to my fav iHeart station, talking handsfree calls, and hearing turn by turn directions, all thru Bluetooth at the same time. Just about the perfect screen size for me. The resolution and graphics feel just right.
Zte zmax pro overheating
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11. Electronics Deals — Oct. Omg it takes more than one second to unlock what ever shall I do. No more plastic Xperia Z1 looks similar to the.
12. These variants are made specifically for these regions, based on what users want. I have a D5100 and I am considering the a good job with the little details on this.
Zte zmax pro overheating
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I never dropped it or anything else to damage it, it just stopped and now it wont turn back on. First of all when you buy the phone the sales person tells you not to take the back off or it will damage the phone.Idiots aww I was going buy one in two months!! Anonymous, 20 Jun I went through 3 of the same phones before i decided to give up. Sigh…you know, there used to be a time when people repaired their stuff rather than assuming everything was disposable.For clarification, please see my comment to Paul. The engine is powered with a 1.
Zte zmax pro overheating

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You might see some of their lower-end or mid-range offerings in your local carrier store. But when it comes to high-end phones, those are mostly in Asia, for ZTE. Until this past summer. ZTE created an entirely new brand of smartphone, and this is going to be their global brand.

These variants are made specifically for these regions, based on what users want. Inside the Axon Pro we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon powering the overheating. There is no expansion for storage, nor is there an option for 16GB or 64GB models.

There is also a mAh non-removable battery inside. On the front, ZTE has a 5. Also on the front is your 8MP front-facing camera, and the back houses two cameras. There is a 13MP main camera as well as a 2MP camera for getting depth info and such for your shots.

This is something that blew me away when I opened the box. But to open the zmax and pick it up was a whole other story. As mentioned above, the Axon Pro sports an aluminum unibody design.

Which is available in silver, gold and blue. Obviously, we have the blue version here. Which looks quite nice. That also shows up on the front for the speaker grill and the top overheating the sensors and such are located.

That triangle is also used in their Axon pro. I, personally, really like it. There zmax a few touches of an almost bronze color here. Most prominently on the back of the phone with the camera module.

But also on the buttons located on the sides of the phone. Speaking of the sides, ZTE has a power button, a volume rocker and a dedicated camera button here. However, one thing I dislike about that button is that it can only be used as a shutter, and not a button to open up the camera app.

The volume rocker, power button and camera pro are all perfectly placed. The volume rocker and power button especially. They are just a tiny bit out of reach, depending on how you hold the phone. Just enough to keep you from pressing them by mistake.

But not too far out of the way to make you shimmy your hand up the phone to utilize them. So my hats off to ZTE on this one. However, the Axon Zte has not been slippery overheating me at all.

But we do have a darker color. Not only does the Axon Pro overheating nice in the hand, but it fits almost perfectly. I can actually use this phone one-handed which makes it one of the few 5. With the navigation buttons here, ZTE did something a little different.

They stuck with the capacitive home button which has a circle. Similar to their Nubia smartphones that are on sale in Asia. It doubles as a LED notification light. So the circle on the home button pulses when you have notifications.

Something we saw with the LG G Pro back in the day, but that notification light did change colors. It appears that ZTE just pulses white. ZTE also has two additional capacitive keys on either side of the home button that can be used as a back button or a recents zmax. But what they did was add a dot on either side zte the home button, which acts as capacitive buttons.

So this way you can customize which side the back key is on, without pressing what looks like a back key, that actually opens your recents. A nice, yet subtle touch. Boy was I shocked when I turned this thing on.

The Axon Pro has a 5. Which gives it a ppi of around The display is so good, that I can hardly put the phone down. One of my few issues with this display, however, is the brightness.

Specifically the adaptive brightness which is part of Lollipop. When I have adaptive brightness turned on, zte it will keep the screen pro dark that inside, I can hardly even see it. But outdoors it works perfectly.

Even with Adaptive Brightness off, it can be tough to see the display indoors with the brightness turned all the way down. Other than that, I absolutely love this panel and this display.

I think ZTE hit a home run in this department. When it comes to the hardware specifications, we have a 5. So now the inevitable question, does it overheat? The hottest it ever got was about degrees Fahrenheit.

With the lowest being Now when it comes to gameplay, the Snapdragon works pretty well. I played a few games here and there. On the RAM and multi-tasking side of things, no issues here either.

I typically had around And never closed any apps, unless they pro misbehaving. We made calls on both networks, and those that we called stated that we sounded great. T-Mobile however was much faster. After doing some speed tests on the Axon Pro and getting around mbps downstream, I tried on my T-Mobile branded Xperia Z3 in the same spot, and still got zte 60mbps downstream at the most.

A nice surprise there for T-Mobile users. This is my biggest issue with this phone. I was maxing out in the 3 hour range for on-screen time as well. Some phones score very high in benchmarks, but do not perform that well.

With GeekBench 3 it gave us a multi-core score ofand a single-core score of ZTE has always had a skin on their devices, although recent devices for the US have been mostly stock Android. The Axon Pro is literally, completely stock Android, with a few additions.

Some of the most noticeable changes are in the notification tray. Swipe down again, and you get access to the other two rows. As well as the Settings and battery icons at the top, next to your profile picture for switching profiles.

For the most part this works great, but when you tap on the battery, it does nothing. Now on stock Android, it would jump into your battery stats, but not here on the Axon Pro. These quick settings are customizable as well.

When it comes to the app drawer, there are only two changes from stock Android that catch my eye. And the other being that it loops now. Very nice for those that have a lot of apps, as you can quickly jump to the last or second to last page.

ZTE also changed up the settings. Not only did they change the groups, but also where everything is located. Not a huge deal, but it will take some getting used too. One of the more interesting features comes up when you swipe up from the bottom of the device.

This is known as the Z-Tray. There you will see the last song you played, no matter what audio app you used. Also there are four contacts there that are saved as your favorites from the dialer. Below that is your summary from Azumio, which is a health app.

Sort of like S Health from Samsung. Which you can connect to from your Google account, making it really effective. With just a few bloat apps pre-installed, and a very fluid experience with their software, ZTE has really hit the nail on the head here with the Axon Pro.

Not only is it stock Android, but it provides an excellent experience for their users. The sound is truly amazing. Even just listening to normal quality music through zmax Spotify app, the different is huge, compared to other smartphones.